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As I sit in the booth at California Pizza Kitchen(CPK), I reflect on the depth of the movie I just saw; The Words, and the expansiveness of life and how I got to this very moment. The interconnected workings of how all my choices lead me to this very moment in time. How I want to be able to express myself and be the person I know myself to be. Food-Passion-Health-Healing-Spirituality. So much richness, so many ingredients, and so much learning. CPK has “good” food, and -what is good food? Yes, it is all relative. To most people who don’t want to cook, who don’t like to cook, who don’t know how to cook ,who don’t really care what food they eat. CPK has good food. I feel like a food snob after re-reading those words. Have I become a food connoisseur- no I don’t believe so, has my palate changed-yes- that I can say it has. Can I make Chicken Piccata the same or maybe better than CPK- yes. It really is all about the sauce. (Too much lemon in this one, and that is partly my responsibility because I squeezed all three slices of lemon all over the pasta and the chicken before I tasted it.) If you put enough cream, butter and salt into something it is bound to taste good. That is one of the primary lessons learned in culinary school. Have I now fallen from my high level of food integrity- perhaps somewhat. I did not grill (funny term to use) the Server about where the chicken came from and  how it was raised and what it was fed. I did bless my food before I ate it and I am extremely grateful to have had the meal. I know that in a short period of time I have learned more about myself  through the process of  learning how to cook and what to eat,  and my passion to connect myself with people and food. I know that I have more understanding and patience for the lack of information most people have about food. I now that I want to share what I have learned through my own struggles, education and growth, so others will benefit from what I have learned.I know this is a very important time in the world, and food is our fuel. We all need to eat. We all deserve to have good, clean healthy, fresh food, to know where it comes from and what is in it. I know that there can never be a moment that humans can take for granted the food we eat and where it comes from. So if going to CPK has brought me to realize how valuable everything I have learned about food is, and to re-affirm my passion to share what I have learned. Then there is nothing more important than this very moment!

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