Food, Emotions and Healing

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I have been inspired today to write about food, emotions and healing.

Food is very emotional!  We need food. It is our fuel, our sustenance, it is our true connection to being alive .If we are choosing to eat foods that are harmful to our bodies we are causing more than just physical damage. We are also lowering our overall vibration. Food is alive, food is medicine. Hippocrates knew the truth. We all know the truth. When was the last time you felt good after you ate crap? Maybe momentarily for the pure rush or joy of making the decision to eat what you want, but then, later, how did you feel? And when you eat clean fresh organic living delicious food, how do you feel? Alive, even more alive.  How can that be you ask yourself, it’s just food.

We want to know we have control of our bodies.We want to know we have control of what we eat, we want to know there are no restrictions to how we take care of ourselves. When a Doctor or Health Practitioner says it might be a good idea to not eat that, we freak out inside. Oh NO! I can’t eat that; I will die! Well, if you have that attitude, you may very well die. And every time you eat that food you do die a little inside. It is time for us to love who we are! It is time for us to value who we are! It is time for us to love and value what we choose to eat and what we choose to nurture and feed ourselves with. We are natural born healers. We CAN heal ourselves! It is time to take a stand!  We are in control of who we want to be! We are the ones who are looking out for ourselves. We are the ones who have our own best interest in mind. The government does not have our best interest in mind, Monsanto does not have our best interest in mind. Not even our Doctor has our best interest in mind. Now is the time, take the step, honor and respect yourself so you can heal! Use food in a positive emotional way! Use it to nurture, love and heal yourself! Now is the time!

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