The Right To Know!

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Now is a time of important political choice and action. Here in California there is very important legislation on the ballot. It is the Just Label it Prop. 37 Initiative. As we all know, food is our fuel, our sustenance and out nourishment. What we put into our bodies is extremely important to keep us strong and healthy. Prop 37 is about having the choice to know that the food we are eating is safe. It is about being informed. It is about having Genetically Modified Organisms labeled as such. We all have the right to know what we are eating and feeding our families This is a basic human right! As goes California, so goes the Nation! This is important trail blazing legislation. We can help guide the rest of the country to be pioneers and follow us with their important legislation as well.

Genetically Modified Organisms have been proven to NOT be safe for human or animal consumption. Monsanto, the largest pesticide company in the forefront of this technology, is dumping Millions of dollars to convince us that it is safe. Even the US Government has not had our best interest in mind when covering up important research and information about the harm it is doing to humans and our precious planet. Please take action to educate yourselves about Genetically modified organisms and the Just Label it Initiative.

A Genetically Modified Organism is when a product of nature, for example corn, is taken and a gene from a bacteria is literally shot into the corn in-order to change the genetic structure to make it internally resistant to being destroyed by pests.However when slamming a bacteria into a perfect vegetable, or a living organism from nature it changes the genetic structure, and not in a good safe way. This affects our food supply and how it reacts in our sensitive bodies. There are new studies that are showing huge tumors in rats when being fed GM foods.*

Please be informed! Please vote for this important legislation!

We all have the right to know!

Vote YES on 37!

Thank you!


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