Food is emotional

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Food is emotional whether we think it is or not. Choosing the foods we eat is emotional. We choose food by how we are feeling in the moment and how we have felt in the past and how our body feels and what we are craving. Craving stems from emotions as well. It is based on unconscious feelings of want. What do I want to eat? I am hungry, I have a need to fill. We need food to survive. We need food to thrive. If we are filling our bodies with empty food that lacks nutrition our bodies will feel sluggish and tired. If we fill our bodies with high vibration, clean, live foods we will also feel alive, well, and happy. We are all energy. Fresh organic food is also energy. Feeding positive energy with positive energy keeps the vibration high. Just like in chemistry; like attracts like!

It is often difficult to always choose the best, highest vibrational foods when we are feeling emotional. It is very important to honor our bodies and listen to what they are asking for. If our body is asking for fresh juice that is easy, honor the request with fresh juice. If our body is asking for a large box of Junior mints, that is a harder request to honor. If you can have them every once in a while and it is the ultimate treat, then by all means, have them, but if your body is asking for Junior Mints everyday and you have to go to the store and buy boxes and boxes of them to stash them in your house, that is not such a good request to honor.

Balance and moderation are important in all aspects of our lives. Food is yet another important aspect of this balance. Respect, love, honor and trust are all part of how we feed our souls. It is also how we feed our stomachs. What kind of foods are you eating?  What kind of foods are you craving?  What needs are you feeding? What needs and emotions are you feeling? As you choose your food, check into your emotions and ask yourself what the connection might be and are your needs being met on many different levels. Awareness is the truth of our souls. That is where we start!

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