Caring about food and health

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I care about health. I care about food. I care about people. I am a person who cares. I have even been told I care too much about things I cannot control. I believe I can make a difference even when I am the only one caring or talking about what is important.

There is a famous quote by Gandhi that I think applies very well here, ” Be the change you want to see.” I have made it my mission and life’s work to share the knowledge I have about food and health. I do not want this information to go unexpressed. That is why I am so passionate about it!

I want to share my passion and enthusiasm for clean, fresh, healthy food. I want to share my ideas to simplify your life. I know how uncomfortable it is to not be able to eat hardly anything. To be uncomfortable in your own body because every time you do eat you get sick.

Food does not need to be fancy or gourmet to be tasty, fun or satisfying. We all need food to survive and thrive. Often times just eliminating one thing can make all the difference in feeling better. Not only in our bodies but about life as well!

Let me care for you, so you can feel better and care for yourself. Let’s work together to have food be a source of health and joy!

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