Women, Power and Healing

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I have had the opportunity to sit in many sacred circles with strong, talented, powerful women. Often the common thread that connects us is our stories of healing. Healing from illness, trauma, abuse, or our own worst enemies; ourselves. What I have learned from listening to these women, is perseverance. We may struggle with our illness or abuse, but we continue to persevere. We may continue to have challenges in our daily lives, but we persevere. Wallowing in self pity and sadness does not serve us and deep down in the truth of our souls we know this. The mantra I have shared many times with my friends; just keep getting up!
Women as a whole have been victimized, abused, degraded and left behind. This treatment has been very serious, and still we keep getting up. We are strong, powerful, resourceful and resilient! I think the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt describes us well: A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong it is until it is in hot water. I believe we also do not know or realize how strong we are until we are in a challenging situation. It is part of our human nature to base our experience on the past, so we may return to old patterns, but when we are pulled back like the arrow, we are shot forward to our greatest potential whether we can see it in ourselves or not. Each time we take the next step into the field of snow with no foot prints we allow ourselves to see the true strength of who we are.  I am learning that being human is a gift and being a woman even a greater gift, even as the job may seem daunting.
It is an extremely important time in the history of the world. We are evolving into a paradigm shift of unfathomable proportions. It is time to take our power, strength, grace and vulnerability and be seen! It is time to stand proud and tall and be the inspirational role models we know our true selves to be! The time has past to sit idly by as our daughters are underestimated. The time is now to be seen and heard for who we are. The time is now to stand up with grace, power, strength and compassion and lead the way!
The world needs us!

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