Food and Hunger

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Food is our fuel. Food is our nourishment. Food is our sustanence. Food fills a void. Food fills our hunger. Yes and I believe, we eat food to fill a much deeper void. A hunger we long so deeply for we cannot even explain or express it.

When we are constantly hungry we eat to fill the hunger. We feed ourselves food to get rid of the feelings of hunger.  On a physiological level it works; some what. We have a craving or hunger for food, we eat, craving goes away. When we eat low quality food lacking in essential nutrients and love, usually the cravings return quickly. When we eat and nourish ourselves with whole foods, whole grains, organic fresh fruits and vegetables made with intention and love the cravings may not return as quickly. When we feel a deep hunger even after we have been fed to complete satisfaction we are hungering for something far greater than food.

I believe this is a deep Soul craving. No matter how much food we try to fill it with we will continue to be hungry. Our deep Soul cravings can be addressed on one level with food. I believe it is essential we do. This is when we can take action and change the way we have eaten for so long and honor our body and get rid of foods that literally make us sick. When we change the way we eat we can address all the ways we hunger. When we start with how we eat and what we eat our bodies respond with better health and well-being.

When we feel better in our bodies through nourishment and nutrients we can then address other ways we are hungering. We can go deeper into exploring what we need and where this hunger comes from. We can open and become more vulnerable to allow what needs to be revealed and expressed. This is where our truth is. This is where healing takes place. This is valuable, deep, profound, Soul healing. This healing allows us to come to terms with what has been hidden what we are hungering for. It may be a belief, an experience, or a deep wounding. By bringing these wounds to the light, into awareness, we can release what no longer serves us and feed the good  beliefs and practices that do.

We can now live, and be the truth of who we are, and move forward with our new habits and new way of eating and feeding ourselves.

This is how we transform our lives- one bite at a time!

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