Feeding our cells

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I went to the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living the other day for some spiritual upliftment. The guest speaker was Dr Michael Lennox. He spoke about DNA and the cells. His talk got me thinking about being fed on different levels.

Our cells open to receive oxygen and love as food. Our cells close to negativity and fear. As we breathe deeply and speak lovingly and compassionately to ourselves we nourish and feed our cells; ourselves. We need to feed ourselves on so many levels all the way down to our cells. I believe even our Souls have cells in a very mystical and magical sense; extremely esoteric I know!

We need to appreciate ourselves as complex beings who need nourishment of all kinds. Our physical bodies need to be fed clean, healthy, organic,toxic free food. We need to be fed with exercise that moves our blood and energy. Our spirit and Soul need to be fed with like minded people to gather with to feel connected and to perform meaningful, and gratifying experiences knowing we make a difference. We are complex beings and so simple at the same time.

I believe as human beings we are here to remember the truth of who we are. We are here to learn from these truths and share them. We are all practicing what we know. Every moment, every day we get new chances to learn and practice. As we practice these truths we feed ourselves. We feed our hearts, Souls, bodies, cells. When we recognize our need to be fed we are able to go deep into our strengths, fears and vulnerabilities. This is where we can look into the causes of what we are afraid of, what we truly need to be fed. This is where we shed light into the darkness. This is where we give oxygen to open and expand. This expansion allows the healing to happen. The healing allows the truth to be revealed. This is doing the work of being whole; being fed.

How do you feed and nourish yourself?

What experiences and practices do you have?

How do you honor and sustain yourself?

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