Food, Choice and intensity

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I am intense when it comes to food choices. I can totally be in your face about ingredients, label reading and food politics. I am passionate! I have been told to slow down, back off and just plain be quiet! I am totally wrapped up in what I know and what I want to accomplish with my food passion. This is who I am! This is what I represent. I know I am not perfect. I do not want to be perfect. I have shared on this blog and others that I am learning my way, and some of the realizations, and breakthroughs  I have had over time. I like this about me. I embrace all these imperfections and human qualities about me.  This allows me to be open to learning more about food and about myself!

I am so passionate about sharing all the possibilities of wellness and transformation through food I can hardly contain myself. So how do I get the point across without turning people away or alienating people from getting the message?  I keep doing it! I keep showing up! I continue being myself in all my human, vulnerability and share what I have to offer. I ask questions, I do research, I give my opinion and I talk to anyone who will listen. It isn’t always easy. It often times has been scary, and I keep doing it. I am relentless to share what I have learned and to facilitate other people’s process in doing the same.

I want to be known for making a difference in this world. I want to be known for assisting people in becoming well through food. Am I a fancy cook or Gourmet? No, and I do not aspire to be. I make and eat what I call rustic, good ol’ homemade healthy, mostly organic, non GMO cooking. I like it. Most people who eat it like it as well. I am often surprised at how much people do like it because to me it is so easy to make and to learn how to make, they too could make it just as well.  I want to be able to teach people how to cook this way so they too can be proud of how they are cooking and what they are eating and how they are feeling because of it. This I do know something about because I have done it. I have been my own guinea pig and I have also been my own worst client.

We all need to eat. It seems redundant and obvious to say this again, however, it is true. Yes I state the obvious and at this point I think it is necessary to get the point across through repetition. Because repetition is the key to learning. My learning, your learning, everyone’s learning. Let’s embrace the learning! Let’s embrace the audacity to take a stand for our own health and wellness! Let’s do it for fun or just to see what happens, but let’s just do it! We are the only ones who are responsible for ourselves. Let’s see how far we can take it and what we can accomplish! Dig in, take a risk, honor your life, eat something different, embrace and honor your desire to be fed! Choose you! I support you! I am here to help!

“We all eat and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly”~Anna Thomas

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