I Love shopping for food!

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I was on my way to Trader Joe’s yesterday and I was excited! I realized how much I love shopping for food! No matter where I go, whether it is a store or my local Farmer’s Market, I absolutely Love shopping for food!

Even though I bring a list of basics, I also know that once I get there, I will be inspired by what choices are available to me. I will get ideas and insights into what to create. I get excited about what I see and how my creative self expression unfolds as I walk around the store adding items to my cart that are not on my list. I enjoy talking with other shoppers and employees as I make my way around.

I love the process and the feeling of that creative self expression with food. There are so many options, so many choices available to me. I get excited on many levels. I know that when I shop, I make a difference because I vote with my dollars. I know that the choices I make affect my life personally. For example, yesterday, I stood in the veggie section looking at the Brussels Sprouts. I have been wanting to have some but they have not had organic ones. I stood there talking out loud (as I often do) ” Oh I would really love some organic Brussels Sprouts!” and then I looked down at the shelf and there were two different bags, one was organic and the others were not. My Trader Joe’s is now stocking organic Brussels Sprouts! YAY! I exclaimed out loud as well! Organic Brussels Sprouts! I asked and here they are! Thus is why I love to shop for food! There are so many possibilities in the moment. I didn’t have Brussels Sprouts on my list, but once I got there, I stood in what was possible. It’s like food magic!

Even as I write this I have not decided how I am going to prepare them, but just the fact that I got to buy organic Brussels Sprouts as a choice, made me excited and happy. When I am excited and happy about what I eat, it raises my vibration and that raises the vibration of the food because I am infusing that vibration of happiness, excitement and gratitude into the food as I am preparing it. I also believe, even when I am thinking about preparing foods and creating the idea of how it will be prepared also infuses this higher vibration. Creating intention is like creating a recipe; one ingredient at a time. When I actually have my hands on the food it is energized with that wonderful energy which then goes into my body as I eat it and nourish myself with it.

As I have said many times before, food is our fuel. When we fuel our bodies with healthy, fresh, clean, high vibrational foods, we feel better. We can think more clearly, move more freely, and heal the aching inside of us. This is way deeper than food!

We save our Souls one bite at a time!

Here’s to making a difference in our lives by being excited about shopping for food!


Check out this link for history and health info about Brussels Sprouts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brussels_sprout

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