Natural Products Expo- Basmati Rice Spaghetti

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I went to the Natural Products Expo last week in Anaheim. I have not gone in several years and boy did it grow! I went upstairs to the new products section, where the vibe is lower key and not as overwhelming. There are so many new products vying for our attention, it is amazing that anything ever gets out to the stores with all the processes and hoops they have to jump through in-order to get the product off the ground. There are so many great ideas and great products that never make it to the stores. I enjoy seeing all the creative and innovative ideas for foods, snacks and supplements.

I was fortunate to speak with Lucy Hermanto and Jimmy Soh from Chye Choon Foods they were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and kind. They came all the way from Singapore to promote their new rice noodle product. It comes in several different forms to make variety for a Gluten free diet more appealing. They generously gave me a package of the Basmati Rice Spaghetti noodles. I made them the other night with a mushroom cream sauce. They were easy to cook, no long boiling process. I boiled water in my electric kettle and poured the water over the noodles in a glass bowl and let them sit. I mixed them in the water with my tongs, and let them sit more. While they were soaking, I finished the cream sauce. I pulled the noodles out with my tongs and separated them into two bowls and scooped the sauce over the noodles. The texture of the noodles was dense and hearty, not sticky, too starchy, or grainy. They were soft and not too chewy, although they are thinner than regular spaghetti. This is a good Gluten-free option. Together with the Mushroom Cream Sauce it was a filling hearty meal. We did not feel too full or ready to fall asleep after we ate, which often can happen with regular wheat pasta. There are many advantages to eating this rice pasta if rice is an option in your eating protocol. In addition to being Gluten free, they are cholesterol free and best of all GMO free! The package has two different recipe ideas on the back as well. I hope to see Peacock Brand Rice pasta on the shelves soon!

Go to my recipe page for the Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe. I look forward to hearing your experience as well!

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