Fast Food excitement? Me? Not so much…

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I saw a commercial for the Carl’s Jr. All Natural Burger. Actually, I was excited. I thought, Yes! Finally! Someone is paying attention and taking action within the realm of their perspective. I admire trailblazers and pioneers. When I saw the commercial, I didn’t think I would try one, but everything in a Food investigator’s life changes!

My Boyfriend had tried one before and we were out and about doing errands and chores and we were hungry. We had just past a billboard advertising, of all things, the All Natural Burger. My Boyfriend said it was pretty good. Let’s go get one of those. I said, really? Is this one of your trickster jokes? I was very skeptical, and still not totally believing he was serious. I was asking myself, Who are you and what have you done with my Boyfriend! And, you remember who I am right? He then said, it is a good idea to support the people who are at least trying and putting in an effort. If we do not support them it will go away and no one will have the opportunity for better choices. OK! He got me there. I do agree with that. I want to support the companies who are putting in an effort in their realm of experience to do better and help others see and experience better food choices. I could at least try it once. If nothing else, I said, it will make a good blog!

Off we go to Carl’s Jr. with my mixed skepticism and support for a better choice at a Fast Food restaurant. I was trying to remember the last time I had been to a Fast Food restaurant.

When we pulled into the drive through there was a very colorful sign encouraging us to try the All New All Natural Burger! Before we placed our order, the woman at the other end of the mic said, would you like to try the All Natural Burger today? I give them credit for marketing well!

They come with ketchup, mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce, tomato and cheese on request. I got mine with lettuce, tomato and ketchup only. ( I forgot to ask for cheese) I also got fries ( what’s a burger without fries?) The fries had the skin on, but they did not look or taste like real potatoes to me, they seemed like they were coated with something; flour perhaps? We drove away with our supportive purchase to eat somewhere outside and enjoy the weather.

I took 2 bites and said to myself, this doesn’t taste any different than any other fast food burger I have had. Every time I took a bite I tasted something sweet; really sweet. I took another bite and looked at the burger in my hand trying to figure out what that sweetness could be coming from. Then I noticed, the bun was shiny on top and coated with a really sweet glaze. I didn’t like it. Two hours later, I was burping fast food burger; YUCK! Then the headache set in. The nail through the right eye type. I get that kind of headache when I am dehydrated and when my body is responding to some kind of toxicity.

Well, I thought, I tried it, I supported the cause, and I was very uncomfortable. That answers my question, can a Fast Food Restaurant with good intentions really make an all natural, grass-fed, hormone free burger? I am truly sorry to say, in this case, no.

Then I started to think about Fast Food burgers. Where does the beef come from? Where was this grass-fed beef sourced? Are they grass finished, or are they sent to a factory farm to be fattened up with GMO corn? Where is their regular beef from? Are the All Natural burgers cooked on the same grill as all the others? What are the ingredients of the condiments that are put on both burgers? The lettuce and tomato that are used for both are grown conventionally, not organic. What about the cheese? My questions are always many when I focus on food and ingredients

This is what I love about being a Food Investigator! I like to ask questions and find out more. I like to learn as I go. I like to share what I have learned so you can start your own search and perhaps ask questions you may not have thought of or asked before. We all want to be happy, healthy and thrive on this planet and in our bodies. Learning as much as we can about what we are eating and what is in our food is the best way to be in control of our health, wellness and awareness.

Here’s to more investigating! Enjoy the search! Always trust your body!

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