Whose responsibility is it?

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I work with a very conscientious food provider. The other day, we received an order with Vegan in the food allergy column of the order form. The people ordering however, did not order a Vegan selection. They chose a sandwich with two kinds of cheese and dessert made with sugar that has been processed with bone char.

First question, did you know that some sugars are processed with bone char? (Yes, bones from animals from many countries)

Next, main question, whose responsibility is it to know about certain food choices? Is it the person who orders? If so, then the people who specify Vegan are responsible for noticing from all posted/ listed ingredients that their selection contains two different cheeses- which is definitely not Vegan, and the dessert they chose has sugar in it that could possibly be processed with an animal product. Or is it then the Food Provider’s responsibility to take the specified Vegan “food Allergy” quite seriously and say, these people seem to have made an oversight, they have chosen a non-vegan selection, they must know better than we do, we will provide them with their choice. Or take the specified note of Vegan quite seriously and replace their selection with the actual Vegan alternative which is clearly labeled on the menu with all the ingredients.

Again, I ask, whose responsibility is it?

If you are choosing a specific dietary “restriction” is it your responsibility to select the option that reflects that choice? If you make another selection because you are not that rigid, would you also specify when making the selection a contradiction? Why bother specifying if it doesn’t matter to you? It is one thing to be present when ordering like at a restaurant, when you can ask the server any questions you need to know and make your decision accordingly. It is another, to order in advance with the menu totally available to you and adding your “restriction” while making a contradictory selection.

Another question, how seriously do you take your food choices? Are you eating a certain way because it is convenient, or perhaps trendy, or your friends all eat that way so you thought you would try it. When you make a categorical food choice do you research about that choice or do you go by what you think it means or by what you have heard from others?

Would you be upset with the food provider who honored your selection as opposed to the actual definition of the category you specified? Would you be upset with yourself that you made a choice not noticing it was not part of your category choice of eating or would you be upset with the food provider who actually gave you the “correct” choice of the category you identified as important? This would have been instead of your selected item because it did not match your specified “food allergy”

Whose responsibility is it to pay attention to your food choices?

This may seem like an obvious question, it is not.

Have you asked yourself lately?

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