Contemplating what I know

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I know too much. Actually that is not entirely true. I know a lot, quite a lot. I have learned quite a lot over time. Time has accumulated and so has my knowledge, perspective and awareness. I have gathered my knowledge like fruit in a basket. I consume some, I savour some, I devour some. Some even sits and rots for a while until I discard it and pick more. Most is good, but then I am quite biased because I am the one who is choosing.
Sometimes it takes a while to go through my basket and express my evaluations. Over time I have found my basket to be quite full and my fruit to be juicey and ripe, but I have not had much of an audience to share it with. The reason I have found for this is I have not been around as willing an audience to share with.
I believe, we all want to know that what we know and feel to be true is good and right. If we hear different information that may alter these thoughts and feelings, we need clarification. But where do we get it or who do we get it from?
My best source is my own wisdom. I trust myself, my gut, my intuition. After this, I may ask someone who I trust for their input.
Google was invented to solve people’s questions. I am sure there has been a time when you searched for an answer unknown to you and someone else had already asked the question. Whose original thought was it? Where did the wisdom come from?
Sharing my wisdom and knowledge is very important to me. It is part of my nature. It makes me want to strive to be a better person. So, when my basket is full, ripe and juicey and I have few people to share with, I feel like I am not making a difference.
Is this true?
Do I need a large audience?
Do I need an audience at all?
Can I make a difference and be fulfilled with so much fruit and fewer people to share it with? I believe it is like planting a seed, sometimes seeds take longer depending on how far down they have been buried!
And there is always a profound ( or “deep seeded”) answer emerging!

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